Damon 4 Kids System – Orthodontic treatment in the mixed dentition stage


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Damon 4 kids System – orthodontic treatment in mixed dentition
is a work of high scientific value, with 12 cases clinical analysis and photographed.
Clinical cases
The Damon 4 Kids System is used in the interceptive phase of orthodontic treatment and is intended as a method that is an alternative to treatment with removable appliances.
We are going to show its utility in the following clinical situations:
‣ Crossbite
• Anterior;
• Posterior;
• Scissor bite.
‣ Open bite
‣ Crowding of lateral incisors
‣ Severe rotation of central incisor
‣ Unerupted central incisor
‣ Dental transposition
‣ Lack of space for canine teeth
Crossbite is one of the most frequent anomalies in mixed dentition and it is recommended to be treated as early as possible.
It may be:
• Anterior or posterior;
• Unilateral or bilateral;
• Skeletal, dentoalveolar or functional;
• The combination of all previous ones.

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